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How to spray paint a T-Shirt? Answered

I'm trying to spray paint a design on a t-shirt. I have my stencil all ready, made out of poster board, but when I spray painted it the shirt just soaked up the paint and made a giant blob on it. Do I have to use fabric paint, because the video I watched on here didn't specify. Any advice?


Have you tried Simply Spray fabric paints? They are a spray paint specifically for fabrics so you won't have the problems you've had in the past. You can find them at www.fabricspray.co.uk.

Try not to get too close to the shirt with that spraycan... Give the paint a chance to spread out in the air a bit before it lands. Spraying is what it wants to do, so let it. It'd be best to use LATEX-based spraypaint... not oil-paint. This will eliminate a lot of products, including just about any rust paint.

Spray painting a T-Shirt should be easy. Set your stencil, maybe attach with tape, and spray 3-6 light coats. Make sure it dries completely inbetween coats. 5 mins minimum! -PKT

A couple of ideas:
  • Try placing a piece of cardboard inside the shirt, to keep any paint that bleeds through from reaching the back side.
  • You may be putting it on too heavy...if you do very light coats, it shouldn't bleed through.
  • Fabric paint shouldn't really be necessary.