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How to start a fire with out matches?? in a chemical way?? Answered

Hey! hum.. thanks for reading the question.. 
is for educational purposes only.. 
@ my school we are making a chain reaction project and we need to have HEAT on it.. we thought about matches.. but I need any chemical way to start the fire.. since we can not intervine during the chain reaction S: HELP MEEE!! PLEASE! 
swear I won't set fire on the entire school! 

so much! 


glycerin & potassium permanganate

Try glycerin and potassium permanganate (aka permanganate of potash or condy's crystals). I think they are both easily available at a drug store as they have medicinal uses. Put together they have quite a good exothermic reaction. (Try google for video). The fire brigades sometimes use this method to ignite hazard reduction burns in remote areas of bushland. The crystals are put into a ping pong ball type container, and when ready for use they are injected with a syringe full of glycerin and dropped from a helicopter. The resulting reaction starts a fire.

Get an old-fashioned over-head projector, and remover the focusing lens from the top.

Fix a sheet of paper at the focal point of the projector, and turn it on...

Hit the library; look for books of chemistry magic tricks. There are *many* ways to produce large amounts of heat; the trick is finding one that's safe and affordable.