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How to step up a 0.2 volt current to 2volt? Answered

i recently made a very small wind turbine using a dc motor.
it generated a .2 volt current and i want to sted it up



A better wind turbine, generator, or linkage between the two (as Steve suggests) would probably make a heck of a lot more sense.

But if you insist, it should be possible to build a DC-to-DC converter which runs on that low voltage. Basically, the input voltage drives an oscillator, which drives a transformer to boost it to a higher voltage, which is then rectified and converted back to DC. Problem is (a) what you gain in volts you lose in amps, since power in watts is volts times amps and you can't get free power, and (b) actually, you'll unavoidably lose some power in the conversion process.

Make your motor turn faster by adding a belt drive.