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How to stop false triggering in an 4017 IC based IR switch circuit ? Answered

I have found out this schematic for an Infra Red Switch that uses the 4017 counter IC .I have followed this schematic properly ,but the problem is, when ever I turn on the power, the circuit automatically tuns on even if there are no infra red signals received by the IR receiver. To stop this false triggering I have tried to connect one end of a 100nf (marked104) disc capacitor the reset pin(pin15) and the other end to the ground but it does not seem to work.I am new to electronics and just understand the basics of it .I am unable to find out the cause for this .Please help.


I am also getting the same problem so should i use capacitor between pin 15 and supply and resistor between pin 15 and ground?

Will it solve my auto triggering issue ?

plzz elaborate .... i didnt understand.....i am also getting the same problem with the same circuit.....what capacitor should be added and where...plzz reply....

Try putting the cap from pin 15 to the supply line, and put a 100K resistor from pin 15 to ground.

Unfortunately it didn't work.will changing the values of these components work ?

Yes, you want to hold the chip in reset until the supply is established. If this doesn't work, then we can do similar things to clamp the BC548. I assume the relay "clicks" once, and then works OK ?