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How to stop shaking bike handlebars? Answered

I like to ride my bike with no hands but, at times, the handlebars start shivering horribly when I let go. Is there something I can adjust on my bike to fix this?


. Sounds like you need to tighten up the bearings in the neck. . Or your front wheel needs to be adjusted.

. Loose/worn axle bearings could also be a source of shimmy. . Check out the wheel, as per kelseymh's comment, first. Then make sure the axle bearings are good before remounting. . That should get rid of the shimmy. If not, look at the bearings in the neck. . Only other thing I can think of is a bad tire.

I dont think 'loose' handlebars are the problem - you want lots of freedom of movement. I assume by 'shivering' the poster means it quickly steers left and right, and is not actually 'loose' in the handlebar bearing. To reduce that wobble, you need more gyroscopic support to keep you upright - as in, your tires moving faster. Try to keep as balanced as possible, and dont shift your weight to 'fix' the shaking front wheel - it will just make it worse. More speed, don't lean too far forward, the extra weight on the wheel will make it more susceptible to wobble. The larger the bike and the heavier the wheels the more willing it is to keep going in a straight line.

Sounds like the front wheel is out of balance or misaligned. If you're good with tools and physics, dismount the wheel. Spin it horizontally, with the axle held in place (e.g., in a vice). If you see wobble, then you need to rebalance it by adjusting the spokes. If the wheel doesn't wobble, then it may have been mounted out of true on the front fork. When you remount it, make sure that the axle is either firmly seated in the two crotches, or that you've properly engaged both pin washers to set the alignment.


9 years ago

Yes try tightening the bolt the holds the handle bars on