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How to take the lid off a zippo? Answered

im trying to make a shorty zippo, but i want to know how to take the lid off, thanks



6 years ago

Take a small nail, (sometimes it is loose enough that a paper clip will work) smaller than the diameter of the hinge pin, and use it to push out the hinge pin. Be sure not to lose the hinge pin, you'll need it when you put the lid back on.
If it is the hinge assembly you want to remove, that's a little more difficult as the hinge is spot welded to the lid and case. You might be able to slip a small screwdriver blade under the hinge and carefully pry it loose but use care or you will bend the hinge and/or case.

You probably need a tool used by a watchmaker to remove the pin, so unless you have such a tool, I would suggest going to a jewelry/watch repair store and ask them to remove it for you.