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How to tell if your project is accepted Answered

OK, one of my entries has been approved, I have posted three. The others say they are entered, but I have not received confirmation yet, and their pictures do not show up under "Entries" people are commenting on the items, however I can't see them in entries. ? How will I know when, and if I need to make changes, or resubmit the entry? Will they let me know if it does not meet the requirements? or what changes may need to be made? Thanks for any help. 


Greetings to one of my most favorite sites! HELP!
I would like to cast my vote for the "PunKitty-Plaidness Pak," submitted by
DesAlouettes. The entry has been published as a "featured" Instructable, but there is no "vote button" on her page, and I do not see her project in the contest listings. I want to let others out here know, so they can vote, but time is precious, and, well, please let me know why I do not see her project in the contest listing. She did say she received a confirmation email.
Thank you so much for your HELP!

The confirmation email was probably the one which said her entry was received, and to let her know that the contest is moderated. (It was just published yesterday). Another email will be sent to confirm if her entry was accepted or not.

Following the deadline on any contest, there is an additional length of time (about 2-4 days) to allow members to vote. So even if her entry has not yet been accepted, there will be sufficient time for members to vote on all entries.

Thank you, Canucksgirl! I just spoke with her this afternoon, she said she got the "accepted" email; and texted me again later to let me know that her finished product is now up for a vote.
I sincerely appreciate your quick response to my, "HELP!" Thanks again!


I sent my entry wrong without pictures, can I send pictures later?

How did you enter a contest? It doesn't show that you've even published an Instructable yet...

To answer your question, you need to click on the "Create" menu choice, select the type of Instructable (step-by-step, photo only or video only) and then write the instructions (on how to make your project), with at least one main photo (but more photos are preferred for each step). Then after completing (and saving) your Instructable, you need to "publish" it. During the publishing step, you can select contests to enter it in (by clicking the corresponding checkbox). After your Instructable is published it becomes available for all members to view. You'll get a message that the contest(s) you've entered your Instructable in are "moderated" and you will be contacted on whether you have been accepted to the contest(s) or denied (if you don't meet the requirements).

Ths is my first time visiting this site. The way your carrying on you"d thought I Killed someone. Don't take it so serious, IT'S ONLY A CRAFT CONTEST!!!!

Whoa.... why are you getting so upset? It appeared that you hadn't entered into any contest, and I was trying to help you by explaining how.

Explaining the steps is not carrying on or taking it so serious.

If you've entered a contest without pictures, it will probably not be accepted, and you would have to enter it again.

However, according to your profile, you have neither entered a contest nor published an instructable yet, so I guess the lack of photos has triggered the automatic filters.


6 years ago

Thanks so much for the quick reply. I just found this sight, and I love it. I just did not know how things worked.

May love and laughter light your days,
and warm your heart and home.
May good and faithful friends be yours,
wherever you may roam.

Oh, that's fantastic! Welcome to the site. I hope we'll see you post many more things. :D

They should be approved shortly - no later than tomorrow I would guess. I checked and they're both waiting to be approved right now. The managers for each of those contests have a long weekend off thanks to Memorial Day. :)

All the staff will be back Tuesday!