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How to tighten locknuts without the bolt being fastened? Answered

So, I'm trying to fasten my trucks to my diy-ed skates now, but one of the three bolts of the first truck is looser in it's hole than the other three. When I try to screw the locknut on, the bolt just turns along, and there's my sole on the other end. First mounting the trucks to the baseplate and then mounting the baseplate to the boot is not an option, as there's bolts fastening the plate under the trucks.



Best Answer 8 years ago

I guess from your description that you can't get to the other end of the bolt and there is no middle of the bolt exposed.

So, take off the lock nut and file a slot in the end of the bolt so you can engage it with a slot screw driver blade.  Now you can put the lock nut back on and when it is as tight at you can get it hold the bolt with the screw driver and tighten some more.

The head of the bolt is or was attached to something or cast in the rubber of the sole and has twisted free.

Someone on a adinfinitum.de's skateforum reformulated my question, and he's right. "The way I see it is this : your bolt heads cannot be accessed, as the bolts holding the plate were installed before attaching your trucks to the plate. Therefore, you must have had the bolts for the trucks already in the plate as you bolted the plate to the boots. Then, when you attach the trucks, the bolt spins because you cannot get a spanner or a screw driver to it. Correct?" Your solution seems brilliant, Re-design. Now I've gotta look for a file that's small enough for the job, as it's barely an M5 bolt. Would a dremel burr work?

a dremmmel cutoff disk would do just the trick.

That thing with the dremel cutoff disk works! :D Thanks fellas!

That's what I was gonna say. Best answer.

My left skate is done, so as soon as I find the camera cable back I'll be able to make my instructable. Stay tuned for a "Quad Vert Skates" instructable and thanks for your help!

You probably want a small spanner on the bolt?
Can you grip it with pliers / a locking-wrench?
Or use nails, and just bend them over in the spot where you're currently tightening the nuts?