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How to transfer data from Xbox 360 to computer? Answered

Okay, I have fairly recently got me an xbox 360 and halo 3 (this game is epic :P) and taken loads of screen shots but when I tried transferring the pics to the bungie site to download it onto my computer, I am shocked that I need gold membership to do this.

I then tried downloading the pics onto a USB stick from my xbox and transferring it to my computer, it didn't work either, because (I guess) my xbox has reformatted my USB stick so the data on it cannot be recognized by normal computers? Very clever microsoft! :(

So are there any other ways I can get around this without having to get gold membership?




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Buy one of those transfer cables, they are $15.00 from microsoft, you cplug it into a your computer over usb, and then plug the other end into the hard drive, simple and effective

You can buy a Transfer Cable from microsoft or any place like walmart and plug in the usb to your pc and instert your hard drive in the other

i have did this and it's not working. Is there something i'm doing wrong?

Download Horizon or Modio and u should be able to access your files from your xbox on your PC

Download Horizon or Modio and u should be able to access your files from your xbox on your PC
These are xbox moding tools to mod games and stuff, basically cheats but u can also access the xbox 360 storage on the Flash drive so you can get your pictures and stuff

If you dont want to buy a data transfer kit you can: Extract the hard drive (will void the warranty - but who needs on on a hdd?). This will require you undoing some screws and you specifically need a torx 6 or 8 screwdriver (I get mixed up as one is used on the xbox itself). Then hook it up to your computer with a standard sata cable and power couplet (used in all modern machine for hard drives). You will then need to access the data through a program such as xplorer360 (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=S3YK7HC2) From there you just need to browse around and find the files. Also possible to give yourself achievements with the right program

this site (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=S3YK7HC2) has been seized by the (defs)<- not in order, is there another program or site?

I have tried this, it don't work. It's because the Xbox 360 uses a different format files that a windows or mac or linux pc can't read. Transfer cable is about 15 bucks, but you would also need a special program to read the Xbox 360's data file formats. Hope this helps! :D

can u tell me what special program i would need?

Sure you could buy one of those, but you can do it for a lot cheaper. All you have to do is get a 3+gb USB and sync it to the Xbox!

modio or xport360 will work with usb keys, just make sure they are up to date

Thanks for all of those great answers guys! I am not a computer person, but Ill try use the transfer cable. :-)

Buy another game. Most of them come with 2 day membership. Do it then....

Or if you're gonna buy another game for a 2 day pass, you might as well just buy a year of Gold Membership. Halo is a lot more fun online anyways.

the latest upgrade to the firmware allows the usage of upto 4gb flashdrive only from the two front ports.

you can either : -get a transfer cable - (try) to hack your 360s memory so it wont format or just sync it with a live laptop that has a program to transfer data

Yeah, your gonna have to get a transfer cable. Look it up on amazon.com they are cheap. But other than that you should get gold membership, that's really the whole reason for halo 3 and other games.

I've got a ps3 so i don't know but couldn't you just use a usb cable or do they not have them

You could buy a hard rive transfer kit.

Googling how to transfer stuff off the 360 says just that...use the ms product -- or buy gold.

You own an xbox and you don't want live? it makes games about a thousand times better to play online. =D

i didn't even think you could play halo 3 without gold membership


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Your question got featured... I didn't even know questions could get featured!


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I use XTAF. Xbox data is formatted differently so even if you put it on a usb drive it is still in Xbox format. You can also use it to back up and transfer gamesaves.