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How to transport bicycle on/in a jeep wrangler.? Answered

got rid of my SUV, bought jeep. how can i take my bike when going on trips? Spare wheel bike racks cost too much! help!


i unzip the rear window and slide the bike towards the middle of the seats. If I,m carrying another bike I just remove the front wheels. I can't zip the window down completely, but then its a wrangler, not a BMW. If I need to lock it (the bike) i just hook up to one of the roll bars. Probably the most secure thing in my jeep. Nothing else is. Its a soft top, why kid yourself.

thanks, that's how I'm going to do it... now lets pray the window zips back afterwords. you know how that is. :)

Ratchet Straps around the spare tire. Not taking up storage space and it swings out of the way with the tire. Toss a chain and padlock on there for safety.

Take the front wheel off, and the bike only takes up half as much room in a car.

When I go to the skatepark with my friend he usually just hooks the front tire on the roll bars so that the back tire is resting on the back seat. Once when I was in the front passenger seat, and when we had more people and another bike I had to hold a bike in my lap with the front wheel turned in between the two front seats.

The best way to carry a bicycle is to buy a Kome' bicycle, these bicycles are off the hook , you can put three 26 inch bicycles INSIDE your Jeep, and they are high end bikes. check them out, google Kome' bicycle or go to www.neatbikes.com

Two ideas-receiver carrier(have a builder weld one to your specs-or------are you working around sp tire? Bolt a built mount to the lug holes on yer spare...this could also swing bikes out of way to access rear areas...

Maybe you could buy some good ratcheting tie downs and bind the bike9s0 to the rear tire with them?

I have seen hitch mounted bicycle carriers on Craigslist for less than $100, that's too expensive? Unless you have the rag top off and strap the bike to the roll bar somehow I don't know how else you'd carry it without some sort of commercial rack solution or at least a well thought out home made rack that is mountable to the roll bars or to a hard top.

I've been looking on craigslist with no luck. Nothing around where I live. It is a soft top, but i need to get these 2 bikes about 60 miles from my storage to my apartment... sometime next week. I'm thinking rope them to the spare and pray at this point.