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How to upgrade a 3gen ipod nano to 16gb or 32gb!? Answered

I have an old third gen 8gb ipod nano which i dearly love but the memory is max'ed out! Is there any way to upgrade it to 16gb memory or higher. I'm chronologically challanged in this area and could really use some help! Thanks In Advance

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Re-design (author)2012-01-27

Well, maybe.

Apple does like to keep a tight rein on their products but take a look at these instructions and you may be able to adapt to your project.

I don't have an apple product to look out so you're on your own here and you may just end up with a paperweight.

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kcls (author)2012-01-27

I don't think you can. Everything in an iPod is proprietary, meaning it's made by apple, and they are going to make it extremely hard to upgrade it. It isn't in the spirit of instructables to say this, I know, but you are probably better off buying a new one. It is very likely that you will break your current one by removing and replacing the internal flash memory. Sorry my friend.

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