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How to use an Compressed Air tank? Answered

I am new to compressed air tanks. I need some details about them. (For an air car actually)

1. How to refill a 4500 psi air tank.
2. How do I know the pressure of air comming out . ( Most Important)

Can anybody please provide me a schematic drawing on how do I connect the air tank,
the pressure gauges (Gauge 1. which shows the pressure and amount of air in the tank and Gauge 2 which shows the pressure of air comming out)  and the compressor with the copper tubes.

I read on a site formula for power of an air engine is HP= PLAN / 33000
P. Mean effective pressure in pounds per square inch.
L. Stroke in feet.
A. Piston area in square inches.
N. Number of power strokes per minute.

How do I get value of N for the formula.
Thanks for any help.


well I can get good and safe low pressure tanks, but what I need to know is how do I use them. how do I connect the level and output pressure gauges and the compressor with the tank pls help


5 years ago

There is the trivial matter of the non-existent air motor that can deliver constant speed to
the wheels at 4000 psi and at 800 psi  :¬\

No one ever wants to hear this BUT - I worry that your going to be playing with 4500PSI with seemingly little knowledge - High pressure is always dangerous - no matter what the material is.

Initially you should start with MUCH lower pressures and then consult an expert so you get the right equipment and materials.

Well a tank of water at 300 bar scares me less than a tank of air,

N is RPM for the "engine", it depends on gearing from the wheels. Imagine it as a standard car, it would be ~4000 RPM.