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How to use gear motor 9 with Arduino Answered

I am new to robotics. I want to make a robot using Arduino Uno R3. I need to use Gear Motor 9 for that

The problem is that motor needs 50mA current. But arduino only outputs only 40mA current.

I want to supply the motors with another power source and use a switch to connect both the circuits. Can you please tell me what type of switch I can use.

Thanks in Advance. P.S. Sorry if I used any wrong technical terms


there are motor control shields out the for the arduino. Search for h-bridge circuit to build to take care of that power problem. Good luck.

Thank you very much for the reply. motor control shield is costly. Can you suggest a cheaper alternative?

the motor shield is just the h bridge circuit you can build with a few common transistors and components. Search in the box on top for instructables to do it.