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How to use these salvaged cell phone parts? Answered

I found a busted up LG Chocolate the other day (it still turned on but it had no network or anything so I took it) and decided to take it apart and use what I could find. What I got was: -A camera -A microphone -A nice speaker (the loud one that the ringtone plays through) -A little silver circle (what is it!?) -And all of the IC's. I really want to know how I can use the camera, can anyone point me in the right direction? Also, the phone has GPS, but I doubt I'll be able to remove the module without destroying it (especially since I don't know which one it is..) And where is the vibrating motor?!



3 months ago

Remember Heath Kit? Now we have Arduino and Raspberry Pi. You can learn to make things utilyzing the parts from stuff.

I took aprt my moms old cell, and it also ahd quite a small camera in it. If you find out about it, please let us know!


9 years ago

The little circular piece is probably a small vibrator.
<Tries hard to not laugh>

Hah yeah I didn't want to say it like that. That's probably right, the battery still works and it's easy to charge so I'll test it out with it.

If you strip a bit of the ends of the two wires on it, just connect it to a button cell. :D

that "little silver circle" is the vibrating motor, you could grab it and make a bristlebot, here's mine with a motor just like yours.

speakers are just speakers the entire circuit board is charger for the li ion battery (dont charge it on its own) and maybe can act as digital camera (if without screen - you should remember the correct keys to get to camera mode yourself) / usb sd card reader / mass storage device too if you can desolder the smd leds without melting them - solder them to ultra thin wires and power from battery with resistor (they take way less current than normal leds). on a thin magnet wire it looks like magic shining point floating in the air. stunning cool but makes girls scream if done at night in their room (tried on a yeartrip)