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How to weld license plates together without burning the piant off front? Answered

Im trying to learn how to weld license plates together to build a state map out of license plates. I need to know if welding is the best option or if  I an apoxy will work better. I have been screwing the license plates to wood but this is a little heavy. Any help would be great.



7 years ago

You could probably use an electric spot welder to connect the plates. Set correctly for the metal, the weld / scorches would be just small marks. However, from your problem description, it sounds like you will be fabricating something that would be too large for standard spot welders and probably too heavy for the weld-connections. Sounds like a cool Instructable!

. I don't think welding is the answer - at least not MIG, TIG, or stick (SMAW) - as they produce way too much heat to not discolor the paint. Warping of the thin metal of the plates from the heat will also challenge even an experienced welder.
.  Using screws sounds like the best method. If you are concerned about the collector value of the plates, I'd use some kind of soft washer (eg, plastic or fiber) between the screw and the plate.

also, the weight of a wooden frame with the plates isn't going to be that heavy. Depending on aesthetics, the frame could be minimal, and you have other materials to choose from without much weight gain. Considering this is either going to be wall mounted over several studs, or resting on the floor where weight isn't an issue.


7 years ago

Go with the epoxy. You can then make a seamless joint with a "scrap" piece holding the seam together. Epoxy on sanded aluminum is a strong bond.

zip ties for top to bottom would be strong, flexible, not damage your plates, and not permanent if you ever wanted to add/remove plates. If you were willing to drill a small hole in the sides of the plates, they would work there too.