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How to wind a flyback converter to use with HHO generator? Answered

I have an electrode made of 304 SS that when hooked to a 12V automotive battery draws about 80A. That is WAY too much amps, and I want to boost the output voltage to 36 or more, and reduce the amps as low as possible. I plan to drive the flyback with a square wave generator. What do I need to know to wind my own coil: what core, size of wire for primary and secondary and how many turns of each? Thanks in advance. I've already found that an ignition coil will not work, unless you know of some way to adapt one so that it will.


I am doing lot of research on HHO generation for automobile mileage boost.

Any voltage above 1.24V is wasted to heat up the water and in long run, steam will flow into the engine.

So we should use something less than 1.5 Volts only (little more than 1.24V bcz water electrolysis at 1.24V is an endothermic chemical reaction).
Any increase in AMP is a good. But increase the surface area of the electrode to increase gas production.

If anyone gets a 1.5V 15Ah supply circuit using car battery (12 V 50Ah), please let me know.
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Any should do for the core - and the wire needs to be able to handle the voltage and current you put through it. If you make the primary and secondary with 1:1 windings, you'll get the same output as input. If you have twice as many on the secondary as the primary, you'll get twice the voltage, half the amperage.

OK. Now I understand that the flyback has an air gap that stores the magnetic flux. Can you recommend what size the gap should be? I'm not really sure whether I need a flyback, or whether a simple step-up transformer fired by a pulse generator would work. After all, the HHO cell itself seems to act as a capacitor. What do you think? To answer lemonie, if it is possible, I want to use the transformer instead of an FET because I need to reduce the amperage a lot.

I always thought it was high amperage low voltage that made electrolysis work... I could be wrong.

Why do you want to hook this up to an HHO generator? I can't see that you'd get any advantage out of it. L