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How to wire this solar cell? Answered

Hey there!
I'm a beginner in solarbots and I just acquired a couple of paper thin solar cells that are paper thin and about 5 by 5 cm. The backside seems to be plain paper or something. I already broke one! I can't figure out how to wire or solder it, that is where the plus and minus poles are. Can someone give me a hint?



6 years ago

I just tried soldering to the big stripe and the back and it worked. I wired 4 of those in series and glued them in a CD case for protection. But hell those things are hard to solder! It came off a hundred times! Any ideas why this is and how to prevent it?

Are those lines metallic? Could they be the contacts you need to solder to?

I find it hard to tell... the broad line in the middle seems metallic, but the fine ones are white. Could it be I just have to pick any fine line + the broad one?

I would get hold of a multimeter and prod around to see where to connect it.