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How will I connect 220VAC LED to a 220VDC supply.? Answered

can you explain the circuit



Is it this thing?

If it is, then it's not just an LED but there must be some kind of circuit inside. Then it will depend on the kind of circuit. With a simple resistor, it would work (although the resistor would have to waste 217V * 0.003A = 0,65W and might get warm/hot). If there is a RC combination using the impedance of the capacitor to lower the current, it will not work with DC.

Btw., where do you get the 220DV from? It's a quite unusual voltage.


6 years ago

With wires of course.

How many individual LEDs are there ? 
Who sells it ?
What is the specification or part number ?


Make :APEM.
part no. Q14F3BXXHB220E.
220V, BLUE.

It has 3 wires according to the PDF and no info or circuit diagram :-(

The PDF specifies a 3ma current.

To address your question, if there is a black wire, I would choose that
as a terminal and one other wire on 220AC first

Then try exchanging for the other wire and then both against the black.

If that is satisfactory try the 220DC :-)


LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. As a diode it will only allow current to flow in one direction. So it will act as its own rectifier only letting the voltage through when the polarity is correct and ignoring the voltage when its reversed. So weather you connect it to AC or DC doesn't really matter as long as it within the specs of the LED.

Actually LEDs are VERY picky about their reverse bias voltage. Either you put a an anti-parallel conventional diode across them, or you put an identical LED in anti-parallel.

Since this is an AC part, the necessary juggling about must have been done.


Thats why is said... "So weather you connect it to AC or DC doesn't really matter as long as it within the specs of the LED. " Guess i should have clarified it a bit more.

Just connect it. It won't care it receives DC.