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How with disabling barriers do people express their ideas /concepts? Answered

People with disabilities have a wide variety of barriers to successful implementation and less than ready for prime time rendering facilities that get an "F" in adaptability. Some of our most creative minds are locked out of the process of invention / innovation because no one will unlock the barriers to success that are exceedingly pricey to purchase. The solution is to be found in what one does well adapted for existing equipment. Think adaptive word picture and text to speech as the base drawing / rendering engine. I have presented oner 100 word picture and text speech fully expressed inventions and innovations to clients and taught others over the years to invent to order since the 60's!

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Paige RussellBest Answer (author)2017-06-28

That's amazing! And I completely agree. Our world – and the world of design – still has so far to go to reach the necessary place where all abilities are considered and designed for. I do believe that we, with the help of new technologies, are making headway, but thank goodness for designers and minds like you have been working at it since before those concepts become buzz words (i.e.: Universal Design).

Where can we see your work? I would be very interested to put my eyes on examples of what you mean by word picture and text speech in the context of innovation!

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