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How would I build a two tiered cart for taking to the markets? Answered

I have seen trolleys that have two wire baskets but they are over $100AUD and the reason I go to the markets is that I want to save money. Ideally it would fold up to go in the boot of the car. Even a one tier cart would be good. I don't like the "granny" cart style as everything gets piled in a deep narrow fashion squashing everything below.


Have you considered adding a swing down shelf that closes over the first tier of bag and provides a second tier...Just use a granny cart and add another swingable shelf to it (ok, I admit my image sucks rocks...what do you expect for nuffin? :) (btw, the angled section is supposed to represent the swinging shelf in motion, not its final resting position

also note that the bit that curves downwards is suppose to lock onto the front cage not squish the bag on the bottom

just thought: you could also paint it one colour to make it less 'junkified'. ;-)

I can'tgive you a full answer,sorry, but I can help you towards it - from my own experience of Car-booting. Make sure the whole thing is stable; even under it's most adverse conditions. So that would mean rough terrain, and a top-heavy yop tier. You don't want the embarrassment of picking up your stuff off the floor. That would mean not having it higher than it is wide, keep the base stable by having it bottom-heavy and low centre of gravity. You would also need large diameter wheels, possibly with braking in case you expect to rest on an incline. Collapsible I can't do - but you might consider being able to take the top tray off completely - this would give you the benefit of taking only as much cart as you need. I'd be thinking of either plastics or zinc-metal - chrome is too fragile in my experience. Something that won't rust. I'd also have a distance of about 6" from the ground to the bottom of the lower tier so that you can navigate kerbstones. It is easier to pull a cart than push it. However, pulling it you can't see if someone has nicked something or if something has fallen off. Have a removable pull handle. While I've been typing this I thought how about two large bread baskets (about 1m2) one above the other with removable metal poles in the corners,perhsaps with triangular supports to makeit more stable? Good luck, let us know how you get on!