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How would I cut small stones, around .5" to 1.5", for a miniature stone laying project? Answered

I want to construct a miniature version of a structure made out of stone. How would I go about cutting stones to approximately .5" to 1.5" in size?


Mold them likethis.

Buy a bag of stones that size. Look for them in the landscaping area of the big-box hardware store, or, if you can find it, the local quarry.

Cast a sheet of colored cement or plaster and score and break it to size.

Get a coarse grinding stone and start rubbing them to shape-use lots of water or the dust will build up in the grinding stone and it won't work. If the stone is soft (limestone or slate) you might be able to use a sheet of good sandpaper on a flat surface instead of the grinding stone.

Are you wanting miniature "bricks" or "stone blocks"? Or are you want to build a drystone structure? For the latter, you might be better off buying a bag of large planter or aquarium gravel; its available in a variety of specified sizes.

If you want a cut-stone look, using a grinding wheel or Dremel with an abrasive disk is probably much easier than trying to actually "cut" gravel.