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How would I install a resistor and LED to a 120volt outlet without lowering the voltage output ? Answered

Hello out there, I am a beginner at electronics, but love this new hobby!

What I have done is taken a 120-volt AC wall outlet with four receptacles

and separated them to be four individual switched outlets. I would like to put a LED

next to each receptacle letting me know witch one (or all) are switched on.

(I have the on/off  switch wired to the Hot, or black wire)

My question is:   How would I install a resistor and LED without lowering the voltage output of that single outlet?  “Your help is greatly appreciated”.

Thanks IsLandbum 



If you follow sean's advice (or steve's, plus a suitable resistor) the load placed on the supply will have no noticeable effect on the voltage.


I'm sure that the comment was there.


Nope. I was tempted to reply, but after I saw yours, I just scratched my head, replied to you and went on my way

I wouldn't use an LED there, I'd use a Neon lamp.