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How would I join 3 pieces of wood, perpendicularly, with equal strength, *please*? Answered

Hello, Thanks for stopping by. I've looked on the woodworking fora and I cannot see anywhere where they show how to join 3 equally-sized pieces of wood, perpendicular (right-angles) to each other. I have to make a skeletal wood frame, about 1m3 (1m each side). At each corner 3 pieces of wood will meet. I would like to join these in such a way that is easy carpentry-wise and which gives equal strength to each 'arm'. Each piece of wood is 25mm x 25mm x 1000mm long. Ideally I would like to allow for maximum face-to-face grain rather than butt/dowel-joints - otherwise the job would be simple, but too weak for my needs. Normally in woodwork such weak joints would be supported by sheets of wood or shelves to lend strength, but in this case I can only have a skeletal frame and all the strength is in the joints (approx 15 kg). Thanks.


There are some Japanese joints that would do it I think. How good are your joint cutting skills ? Failing that, use some metal L brackets.....

I'm not too bad with cutting skills, prob not obsessive, but still not too bad!

I'll try and sketch one. Thinking about it, bracket could be a good way though, unless you have big cosmetic issues with the idea.

Hi steveastrouk, I would very much appreciate your drawing, if you do one. Yes, cosmetics are an issue and the brackets would rip any (temporary) covering , plus routing a channel for the brackets would be as much work as the joint itself.

The more surfaces (facets) for gluing the stronger it will be, dovetails are the strongest joint, you'll have to be creative when you lay it out. After bore through those joints and dowel and glue them,it will make it even stronger.

Have you ever looked into geting a Kreg Jig for pocket hole joints i have one and love it.

they have a pocket jig out that runs $20 but then you have to buy a clamp but if you ever get the money its definently worth it

I wanted to take the time out to say thanks for the drawing as I appreciate how much extra effort it takes.

Thanks, seandogue, that's the dog's whatsit's! I couldn't fathom it out and now, it's seems so simple! Thanks, again, I will definitely be using that joint - I believe that will be the strongest available to me. ;-)

For a three way joint ?