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How would I make a bidirectional hand pump like an air mattress pump? Answered

I'm looking for a resistance machine like a pneumatic  air mattress pump; two types. One pump could handle maybe 120 pounds pressure. The other would be for about 80 pounds.

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Peter1001 (author)2013-07-07

I took apart an air mattress pump.
4 valves like you mention frollard. 2 air intake on either ends and 2 valves allowing air into pump handle and out.
Do you think ball bearings would work rickharris instead of rubber valves?

Now I need a place to fabricate the pump case; one about 24 inches long and one about 36 inches long.

Any ideas on where?
Thank you for your feedback.

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rickharris (author)Peter10012013-07-08

Ball valves will work if you make them well. IF you try - When you have drilled the ball seat put in a ball bearing and with a suitable punch give it a god tap to bed down the seating of the valve and make it fit the ball profile better - then change the ball for a new one.

No idea where you are so no idea where you might make it - I would do it in my garage. all you need is hand tools.

PS you don't tell us what the pump is for so we have only answered your direct question - More information may result in better suggestions.

Do you need to pump pressure or volume.

EG. You can buy electric pumps that work from a car battery at moderate pressures but low volume.

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rickharris (author)2013-07-04

Something like this - The pump pumps on the up and down stroke. This could be made from drainage pipe and the valves made from flaps of leather.

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frollard (author)rickharris2013-07-04

+1, except it will need an 'in' valve on the bottom of the main cylinder or you can't lift the piston.

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rickharris (author)rickharris2013-07-04

If you want to get very techi you can make ball valves like this - all you need is a suitable bolt and ball bearing and 2 different sized drills.

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frollard (author)2013-07-03

it's gonna be a cylinder with 4 valves, 2 'in' valves on either end of the cylinder allowing air to access either side of the plunger as you do the down press on the other direction; and 2 'out' valves that allow air from both sides of the piston to exit via the hollow stem that you use to pump.

A bicycle pump would work well if modified to have the extra valves, because it can handle the high psi.

Then on the output you have a regulator that prevents air from escaping the system unless a certain pressure is reached - this would provide your resistance.

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