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How would I make a prototype/final model of this speaker design? Answered

Hello all,

I am working on a design project in one of my 3rd year university classes in which I've to create a final model of my speaker design. It is in the form of a black hole and I would wish to make it from a plastic (preferably ABS or some hard, durable material). I've attached some images of the CAD model and I was just looking for some ideas, techniques and suggestions on how I could make this form. Any machine and technique is relevant as I have access to a wide range of equipment, I was just looking for some pointers on how I could potentially go about making it. Any help would be greatly, GREATLY appreciated, thanks for your time!



Does it have to be plastic? You can make a great proof of concept out of cardboard. I would at least make a cardboard model first and see how the shape performs as a speaker. I'd be willing to be the sound quality isn't going to be all that good. This kind of shape has been used in speaker design in the paste. But it was not the speaker cone. It was used in front of the speaker to help project the sound better. You can find them on old Loudspeakers.

Besides heavy plastics like ABS tends to make for a poor quality speaker cone. But if it must be plastic then have it made on a 3D printer. Or make a wood/clay model and vacuum form it. A CNC router can be used to get the perfect cone shape for the vacuum former.

depending on how big it is you could 3-d print it or carve it on a block of wood and then put it in a vacum former.