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How would i take a digital 1mp camera and add an A/V input? Answered

To clarify my question better... How do I take a 1mp( mega pixel) and make it record from an A/V source? Or, what is a created, modded, hacked, or bought product that can be used for recording A/v portably? I am trying to take an older high-end video camera that recorded on hi-8 and record from the on board A/V output, then plugging that output to a device (that meets the criteria above) into that. My plan is to use a 1mp digital video camera, and then mod that to have an input.

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lemonie (author)2009-08-24

What's wrong with the 1Mp video camera? You want to combine the two bits of hardware to use the best of both? What about using the Hi-8 and downloading from that? (seems a lot easier) L

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