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How would one create a mechanism to increase humidity in an aquarium for a reptile? Answered

I have a large (55gal) tank with a tortoise & a large water bowl for the creature.  The substrate is soil which is kept very moist but yet the humidity in the cage is not as high as I need it to be.  I was looking at buying a contraption to help with this problem & read a review of one product.  The person who wrote the review seems to think this same product can be made with simple, every day items, however, the description regarding how to do this is not so enlightening for me.  I will post this below & am interested in someone 'filling in the blanks' so to speak & elaborating AND/OR presenting new ideas/contraptions.  Thank you!!!!!

  This humid air exchanger is a simple design that consists of a plastic canister, a sponge that hangs vertically from the lid, a nipple on the underside of the lid, and two nipples on top of the lid to connect the air hoses (one connects to the air pump and the other obviously would be the humid air output). Had I done some research into the design beforehand, I would have just made one of these myself out of a two liter bottle, old plastic peanut butter jar, etc... A person who has the requisite knowledge and common sense needed to properly take care of a reptile has all of the ability needed to construct one of these according to one's own ingenium. In about 15 minutes or less you could make your own device and save yourself $12 plus shipping in the meantime. Might even be a quick and fun little project to involve the kids with. In the end, yes, this an effective device which could easily be built out of readily available household items.

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canucksgirl (author)2012-05-06

Here's a link to a Vivarium Fogger that someone made for under $20.


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Jayefuu (author)2012-05-06

Does your vivarium have a heat mat or a lamp? If it has a mat, could you not switch to a metal water bowl and put it directly on the mat instead of the substrate?

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Kiteman (author)2012-05-06

If your tank has no lid, get one.

Put the water under the heat-lamp, and the humidity will quickly rise. However, many species of tortoise evolved in dry habitats, so excess humidity could be harmful, encouraging fungal growth and other disease vectors.

Check with a local expert regarding the conditions required by your tortoise.

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