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How would you go about freezing or trapping a ferrofluid so I had a cool sculpture? Answered

Want to trap the ferrofluids into a sculpture. Dunno if freezing it or what would be the best way of going about this?



6 years ago

instead of making the ferrofluid with vegetable oil and micr toner.try making it with micr toner and light epoxy. i heard this work.I've never tried it.

Use a DavidScanner to read your object, then send it to a fab and have it made in resin. Steve

Can you make these liquids with resin / monomers? L

You might be able to suspend a coffee filter in the bath, create you image and then lift the filt thru it to capture...dry the filter and voila... I don't know if it'd work but it's an easy experiment.

Hmm...sculpture...picture yeah..but what I suggested isn't a sculpture. It'd still be essentially 2D