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How would you use a standard servo and linkage to raise the visor of a repro Ironman helmet? Answered

I am thinking that I could use a standard servo (or 2) to do the raising of the visor incorporating a DPDT switch to reverse the polarity to bring it back down again.
I am struggling with the translation of the rotary action from a servo to push the visor out and up.. What would be the best linkage to use? what would be the interface between the servo and the linkage


Use a servo controller, 2 servos, and 2 hinges.
The best controller is the Maestro, and it's the size of a quarter. It can also power the LED eyes.


how do u make helm it is so accuratte


hamer a slide rail to fit your helmet and atach

get or make a wider helmet and your a mirco hydrolic cell with a presur pad

Use a 555 timer to drive the thing, use a circuit like these


Where the pot is, put a switch that puts in two different resistors, depending on where you want it to stay.

Another approach would be to mod the servo so it turns contiuously one way or the other, and add a couple of limit switches and a relay. I could draw it if you want to use that approach.


Don't know about the linkage because I haven't seen how the helmet works.

But to use a servo like that you will have to modify it.  A standard servo works on timing and pulse width. 

Or build a controller.