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How'd I get permanent marker off polycarbonate? Answered

I was using permanent marker to mark the fold lines for my front panel on my cnc machine. It comes off easily with methylated spirits on an earbud, but not after heat has been applied during the folding process.

I've tried acetone, 2K thinners, spirits, rubbing alcohol and even PlastiX (used for renewing the yellowing on old headlight lenses) with no success.

The irking factor is high and needless to say black duct tape on the back just wont do it for me.

Any other ideas?



Best Answer 2 years ago

I've had luck in a similar situation with using semichrome metal polish. It is a very fine abrasive in paste form. Rub it on aggressively then take a clean cloth and buff it off.

I first tried some 1200 grit waterpaper, but it only lightened it a little.

I then remembered that I had a tub of Luxor L-100 polishing cream which I used with a felt wheel on my dremel at the lowest setting.

It worked like a charm, you could see the blue color transferring to the felt wheel.



think this is your best bet !

Just be sure to polish it after like he said, there will be some scratches that may or may not be noticeable.

Autosol has a good plastic polish!
The metal stuff comes in a glck-gold tube while the plastic polish comes in a red and black tube.
Use 1000 grid or finer sand paper under slowly running water to remove the marker.
Once you can barely see it use the polish to get the shine back into the surface.
Should not take more than 10 or 15 minutes to get it done.
Next time try a wax marker, the suff used in building work.
They don't makr that well visible on plastic but the stuff won't go into the plastic when it is heated.

Very fine abrasive paper. - the heat has set the ink