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Hp tablet display? Touchscreen monitor? Help! Answered

As i was looking on ebay for a lcd display for a computer mod i found out that the there's a bunch of displays taken apart from old/broken hp tablet's. I've been thinking for a while know to set up a computer with a touch screen display to put in my ikea expedit bookcase (http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/products/10103088)I was planning on hiding the computer behind the screen and so on. So my question is can you make an Hp tablet display working with a desktop computer?If yes how can you?If not, what would you suggest in terms of touch sensitive display? Is it cheaper to diy (i know there are some kits over the internet) i will mainly use this computer to control music, watch movies from my bed (it's right next to it) and controling the light of my room. nothing much, nothing fancy!Thanks!?


if you don't mind the extra effort, there's a wiimote whiteboard instructable you can try. it makes a screen you can prod with a pen.


The displays alone are little / no use without the control-hardware from the HP tablets. Don't think about this unless you've got something that actually functions as a touchscreen display.



8 years ago

It would be easier to buy a plug in digitizer that you place over the screen, and have a regular screen.