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Human Rights Organisation wants a new type of cameras Answered

Hi there,
I am representing a human rights organisation that uses hidden cameras to collect footage of abuses. We have used a number of standard cameras over the years such as "Gum Cameras" like these ones (http://gumcamera.com/)...However the quality and reliability of these is not great. We are looking to find someone who can design us a camera with the following:

-HD camera recording
-Good sound recording

-Removable SD card storage
-Over 60 minutes of battery recording and filming - at a minimum
-Easy to use
-Easily charged and accessed using a USB
-(Ideally) good in low light
-(Ideally) holds it's the correct time stamp
-Approximately the same size as the standard gum camera - or even smaller/more concealable

We would probably looking to buy a minimum of 50 cameras to start with. Ideal cost per camera is up to $40-50 dollars.

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Kiteman (author)2013-03-25

*Which* human rights organisation?

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humanrightsngo (author)Kiteman2013-03-25

I'm sorry to be evasive but due to the fact that we are involved in the filming of human rights abuses through the use of covert cameras we generally do not make this information public.

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Goodhart (author)humanrightsngo2013-03-26

An argument that "could" go both ways, of course.

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Kiteman (author)2013-03-26

Have you seen this recent instructable?


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killerjackalope (author)2013-03-25

The circuits in one of these might be worth a look for ideas... http://www.shortlist.com/cool-stuff/gadgets/presenting-the-worlds-smallest-camera

I have a fairly low quality Veho Muvi cam that's likely small enough sans casing, they do better quality ones than mine as well that are tiny. They're not far off in price bracket and there are cheaper similar ones again.

Helmet cameras are a good area to look at, many are designed to be small, unobtrusive and tough, they'd just need repackaged.

One thought that crosses my mind is getting a pre-existing camera donated by a company (human rights makes for some pretty good PR on their end - obviously some way of handling the publicity so the organisation actually filming isn't cast in to the spotlight would be necessary...)

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