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Humane Trap Ideas Answered

Okay, so we've got critters in our attic...Probably Wolf Rats or something....I've tried using a large bucket with a board ramp. On top of the bucket I've got a towel laid across the top. For bait, I've used bread with peanut butter. My trap idea just doesn't seem to work.... The animals steal the bread without fallin' in! They're smart....

Any other ideas? Thanks! :)


To my surprise one morning a lil mouse greeted me from my bathtub.  The slope and height of the tub walls prevented him from getting out. I threw in a empty cracker box and left him alone to cozy up in the box for while I went to get larger container to transport him.

almost every picture of a rat i've seen had it holding it's tail for some reason

The simplest humane traps I've seen are basically a seesaw, the trap's a shallow 'V' Shape, the bait goes in the end that naturally sits in the air, the rat goes in and the trap tips, the little door latches over...

These aren't much good against very small rats and the likes of field mice unless you re-weight to be more sensitive, though they often tip from draughts or people walking by then./

trapping rats is a difficult thing...mice are easy as they're not as smart, but rats are rodent savants. they can pretty much escape from anything (if you leave a rat in one of those humane spring trap cages long enough he WILL find a way out)

the MOST effective solution is prevention. find out how they're getting into your attic and close up their entrance (which is difficult because rats can squeeze through REALLY small holes), remove any food sources, and make the area REALLY unpleasant for the little buggers... i've heard that spreading moth balls can help as they're not fond of the smell, but i've also seen a rat carrying a mothball across a room in it's mouth

A traditional UK method of ridding a building of rats is to catch just one alive.

You then sew up its anus* and release it back with its chums.

For some reason, the other rats depart the area rather swiftly.

*This is now probably illegal in most countries rich enough to employ full-time pest control companies.

Pragmatism of medeival rural life.

I come from a county where some people still speak a language closer to Anglo-Saxon than Queen's English.

 That's the single most fantastic method I've heard today!

Okay...that's just a bit gross. I don't think I'll be using this idea. Thanks though...o_O

 There are humane rat traps available.  And a few methods mentioned on instructables, the simplest is mentioned below:


Also, there are many on the market already:


All seem to follow the classic "upside down box propped up with a stick and bait" method.  If you advance this method, you could find a better solution.

I personally would catch them and then train them to do my bidding.