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Hunting Tips Answered

Hi everybody i was wondering if you could give me some tips on hunting foxes because i just bought a 55 IB recurve bow and the dam fox has killed 2 of our ducks and i want to take it DOWN, i know a bit about hunting, like using camo, tree stands, traps and so on, could u all please help me to kill this fox. thanks for the help


Have you gotten it yet? IF not then I definitely do not recommend using fox urine in close proximity to your duck area - It'll draw out your fox... but it might draw them all too. Oh, I should've asked how many tails it has!

It's been almost three years since their last post, I think the fox got them.

but some meat out in the open and sit in a tree but still look at the meat and get redy and put it in the light

i live in oz crocs can get killed with a bow it is ezy just shoot it in the eye

Check laws Check reliability of hunting equipment DONT HUNT ANYTHING WITH BIG TEETH (AUS LAND FULL OF EM) OR THAT IS BIGGER THAN YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah like those koala's (we call them drop bear's, because they are sneaky and like to attack from above).. And don't be fooled by possum's either... Body of a squirrel and as dangerous as a great white! ROFLOL.... Are you from Aus RS?? What exactly has big teeth? A croc? That's all i can think of... And you wouldn't hunt a croc with a bow as it wouldn't even feel the arrow, that's if it got through it's scales... Sorry you just made me LMAO! Good show! ;)

ROFLOLOMGFTWBBQ! Wait, what? Seriously, the above two comments gave me a laugh. -PKT

I live in suburban Australia, it was just humouros to me to think of all our big teethed animals...

BS ,we hunt alligator in the south with bows. If you shoot it in the right place it is easy to kill them. Gator hide isnt as tough as its cracked up to be

Gator? Who said anything about a gator??
And what size gator are you reffering to?

I'd like to see you put a arrow, into a big male 14ft salt water croc mate...
Not only will you just piss him off, unless you hit him in the eye, or the head of the arrow manages to get through his 3/4 inch thick skull, which is unlikely unless it's point blank... And at point blank your only gonna get one shot, it'll charge you and take your leg off before you load your second.. So you'd have to be pretty handy with a bowie to survive that.....

I'll assume until you reply that your hunting not so large gator's, cause are large croc can take several rifle rounds to get a kill shot. Forget about .22's all together... Unless you can get it through the eye socket...

Happy hunting....
You should visit Australia some time... I can just see you stalking a big salty, then him noticing your there,

Air plane ticket to Austalia- $ 1000

Compound bow and
ammunition- $ 800

The look on your face,
when you realise you
should have bought
your shot gun or exploding tip's-

'...PRICELESS!!... '

And by the way 14ft croc's are common in many places in Australia..

also, most boe hunting IS done at pointblank, the farthest most people hunt from is around 20 to 30 yards. and just how will an alligator climb a tree to get into your tree stand??

Tree stands are usually, what 10 ft? Apparently, with a 14' "Salty," I'd sy your screwed. Otherwise, the main areas to hit would be the underbelly, easy if you have another guy, and the "Salty's" eyes are probably 2" large. Seems pretty easy to hit a 10+ feet. -PKT

Hmm, if razor sharp arrows fueled by a 200 lb bow won't hurt the Croc, a shot gun won't do much either, except at point blank range. :-) I've been hit by shotgun pellets. I personally wouldn't want anything less then a 30-06 honestly.

Mama always said be careful when you boys go out and play with that Cheney neighbor kid. You got pepper'ed, didn't ya?

Actually Cheney was near my Duck spot again last week. (We think it was Cheney, at least someone with Secret Service guys). We were there at the same time as him last year. ANyway, I've been peppered too. It's usually when I shoot straight up at a bird. The pellets coming down don't really hurt (unless they get in your eye!).

Hmmm, good bet that he'll be there more often come end of the year. There goes the neighborhood...

Tell me about it! I roam around with these grizzled, under-educated, overpaid, semi-dangerous rednecks. But ol' Dicky is a little to rough for our tastes!

I was my own worst enemy growing up.....shot myself in the forehead, right between the eyes, with an air powered pellet gun once (actually, I shot a tree, and the pellet came back at me and struck me right between the eyes).

They're right, you're gonna take an eye out with that thing.

Yeah, that is what I always think of too.....I will never forget that movie for sure.

I was referring to a solid shot... And your right a scatter shot, will only get him even more angry....

Solid, as in what we all call "punkin' balls" ? :-) Well, you might as well use a rifle, as the "rifling" in the barrel gives you more accuracy. But, that is a personal choice after all ;-)

I almost got eaten by a croc in PNG. It was a salty, and I didn't see the full length, but the TIP of the snout was about a foot wide. In the southern US, we have gators up to 14+ feet long, but most of the ones I see are 10' to 12'. THey aren't nearly as nasty as a salty. There were pics of salties (from years ago)in PNG and Indonesia up around the 20' mark.

clearly you underestimate the power of a bow at close ranges. and by close ranges i dont mean walking up to the damned thing, in a boat. I am talking about an american alligator. and 14 foot alligators are very common in the south. And hopefully someone with a lick of sense would become very handy with a bow before attempting to hunt alligators. and no, i am not talking about smaller aligators. The smallest alligator I have ever killed was 9 foot, and the only reason why i shot it was it was in our yard. A shotgun loaded with buckshot and a slug is more then enough for an alligator. have you seen a sabot slug before?? and stalking for alligators on foot is like free climbing everest. just stupid beside being completely illegal exploding tips are mainly used in archery, the whole shaft is packed with blackpoweder with a percussion cap on the tip. and exploding bullet would no nothing because bullets mushroom in flight, therefor releasing all the powder into the air. do you even hunt?

>and exploding bullet would no nothing because bullets mushroom in flight Why I usually leave the room when people talk about weapons.

I understand what you mean here. I have seen a 30/30 soft point enter a deer (makes a small hole, the size of the original bullet) and if it exits the other side, makes a hole about the size of a fist or bigger (IF it hit no bone on it's passage through). Nasty little bullet to be hit by for sure.

Why do you normally ,leave the room when people talk about weapons? I'll assume from your post, that's it's because you have no knowledge of them..

Mostly because they say things like, "I saw on a video where a guy cut through a piece of railroad track with a katana" and then my teeth start grinding. Let's just say I know enough to understand that the spiral fluting down the bore of a rifle is not a decorative element or manufacturing artifact and move on.

"because bullets mushroom in flight" Yeah, that's so,umm, what's a nice way to say "The stupidest thing ever said"?

Some bullets are made of softer material so that the can mushroom in flight to cause more damage to the target.

That's a nice example of post-impact expansion, bullets simply do not expand in flight, it makes no sense, any bullet soft enough to expand in flight would just splat on the target, also the aerodynamics are completely ruined and the thing would never hit it's target because of nonuniform drag from the expansion, not to mention the loss in energy caused by the drag.

Exploding bullets are made from a harder material so that they dont mushroom in flight.

What state do you live in? an alligator without being picked in a drawing for a quota hunt here is extremely illegal, and yes, I live in the south.

BTW, what do you do with dingoes? Them and crocs are known to snatch small kids and such...and are 'roos like giant rats down there?

so, no more Tasmanian Devils ? I heard they have a bit of meanness to them :-)

Yes, they get agressive with each other when feeding... I haven't heard of any "attack's" but there have been many bite's whilst handling... They are normally very timid creature's.... just they have bone crushing stone jaws... So they get a bad wrap.......

Oh ok, so they don't compare with the Wolverines of the northern portion of North America? Or the infamous Honey Badger ? That's cool. Thanks for enlightening me.

Oh! Do't get me wrong.... DO NOT back a tasey devil into a corner... It'll attack you and probably take half your hand... Two on em' in a corner and you might not end up on top....
But they are not hunter's they are generally scavenger's....

Unfortunatley these lovley (I think everything is cute) creature look like they might be heading down the extinction path....

Google tasmanian devil / facial tumour.... I'm sure you would find it interesting, yet knowing you, you probably know more than myself about it...
GH= wealth of knowledge, and vaste scope of interests... ;)

Scientist have been baffled, by these tumour's for a while now and have only recently developed breeding program's with un- infected specimen's....
The facial tumours are REALLY aggresive, and restrict the animal's ability to eat and compete with other devil's for the food... I am talking 2 mths from the start of the tumour till it takes over the entire face/mouth/throat... They basically starve to death...
Very sad in all... It makes me feel bad that the poor lil' bugger's are sooo ugly, they are not getting the same reasponce from the public as say a cute animal like the Bilby's... Kinda sucks, It's weird how EVERYONE cares when it's too late.... Human's.... BAh!

I remember seeing something on Animal Planet about them being so rare, for awhile they were thought to be a myth or legend (and yeah, there aren't many creatures I would call 'ugly' either :-) . Aww, who could refuse this face ?

ummmmm.... not sure, I don't think that would have been tasey devil's. I believe you are thinking of the Tasmanian tiger. And yes it has been declared extinct.... The mythical part comes from many mystery sheep death's.. Possibly a couple left in Tasmania but none have been officially spotted for atleast 15years.... Fortunatley a few specimens have been preserved and perhaps in the near future we might see a hybrid brought back... They are talking about it now....

What an amazing animal!! Definatley worth trying to clone, when we get it right... Which sounds like it's pretty close... Very impressive animal.... I just read something disturbing.... Did you know? That Australia has the worst rate of extinction of its nature inhabitants... In the last 200yrs we have lost 50% (holy %$#) of our nat inhabitant's... That is soooo bad... Kinda disgraceful really...

I bet a good portion of it is due to the introduction of non-indigenous species either taking over the food supplies, or competing for territory.

Yeah, it was calle dthe english... LoL Then probably fox's, rabbit's which I believe where also brung here by the british, for hunting purposes... Then the cane toad, introduced to erradicate, yet went to far and became a pest in plauge proportions.

Hehe glad you gt, it was mostly a joke :)