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Hurricane balls and tornado ball with air compressor Answered

This is a video of me spinning up hurricane balls with an air compressor. I have gotten them faster (I estimate this run got up to about 10,000rpm) but it is still very cool. The second part of the video is some random thing I made when I was bored. It just spins a marble really fast inside the container. I know it's not very exciting :P haha please comment and rate!

hm...the video won't embed so just go here.


Dr Qui

7 years ago

Well done,  no separation that time . lol

I like the vortex chamber you have done in the last video, you should do an Ible on how to do that.  That metacafe place is most annoying, you should try clipshack out.

Was that set of hurricane balls made using the drill jig?

I have been messing with different size jets on the blow pipe, will post a high speed vid once I all the safety stuff in order as I kinda want to push the envelope

Have you tried putting the Hurricane balls in the vortex chamber?!?!

Is the jar made of glass or plastic? 

Its plastic unfortunatly and no i haven't, but i dont really know how that would work out :P

I would not like to try the hurricane balls in a glass jar just way to much risk of serious carnage if it broke.

I must make one of those vortex chambers out of a plastic jar, they look like fun.

That is true, but it would spin a lot faster. And it is pretty fun but it gets boring after a little while...

Yeah I added some gorilla glue in addition to the screw and it secured them so it works very well, but I didn't use the jig yet ill try it soon! and Ill have try that site out because metacafe is a real pain in the butt...