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Huzzah Feather wouldn't find WIFI access point? Answered

My AdaFruit Feather didn't want to connect to my WIFI. I got a never-ending train of dots but no connection. I read that 5GHz WIFI isn't supported, but my FIOS router is 2.4GHz. I tried a bunch of settings on the router/WAP and finally figured it out. My SSID broadcast was turned off (security through obscurity). When I turned it on, the Feather immediately connected and reported its IP address. I know it can take a little longer to connect to your WIFI when you do this, but the Feather sat for minutes and never found it until I enabled the SSID broadcast.

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bekathwiaBest Answer (author)2017-07-22

Ah yes, I should make a note to add that in, hidden SSIDs can be tricky with the ESP8266. It's not that they are unsupported, but don't play nice with all routers given the various b/g/n configurations. I suppose the hope is that ff you are knowledgeable enough to explore the hidden SSID issue, you can also solve it. =D

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