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I Have A Car, You have An Idea? Answered

I am planning to sell this car within a month, but if I can't I would like to do something creative with it, like cut the roof off /demolition derby/something of the like. But I was wondering if anyone on instructables has an idea of what I could do to it. I've been looking at mutant/art cars from Burning Man, and wondering about an armored car or something.. BTW, the car is for sale, $500. Any takers?


First off (might cost a lot of cash), get new seats, steering wheel etc. Paint it black. Now put some green LED lights around the tires (the kind in the tubes). Your new awesome ride!

make an ejection seat. :D if you do, post a video

After some searching around, I saw what one person did to this exact same car (same make and model):


Stop bumping an old thread. The wheels don't match perspective btw.

Mr. Cowboy kept doing that by replying to some of my comments. Then I remembered this. I think the wheels match the stripes. which is good.

Ok first off dont mention me please, thank you and second UGLY CAR
You got bad taste. Oh yeah this thing matches:
These flames match the wheels


That isnt my car. Also, the car in the picture is the same make and model of the car bumpus has, unlike yours. Fail.

Still the flames match the chrome. Plus thats Big Bad Dodge 1. And by the way, that is my truck

I'm not surprised... The flames match nothing, except for those two hinges on the front...

you mean d - rings on the front and where i come from, perfect truck lots of horsepower, tons of torque, spits black smoke, great paint job, super rims, and one heck of a grille guard

Your dodge would have looked better if it was a low rider with 24' wheels

my friend thinks the same thing. you know what i told him? YOU GOT SUCKY TASTE

So you think I have bad taste, eh? Here's a thought: I don't care. I don't give a crap if you think I have bad taste, hell, I thought you already figured that out when I told you I liked rap. I got your point (overstatement) once, I don't need a repeated point.

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So what if a country cop gave you orders you would say: go screw off?? I would pay to see that

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The flames arent supposed to match the wheels, the wheels are supposed to match the racing stripes.

why do you care if they match or not? I certainly dont, its not my car. Btw, Isnt matching supposed to be the same color? The flames on your dodge dont match the wheels.

Ok listen dude if you think that Dodge doesnt have matchin flames to wheels: BAD TASTE A guy like me thinks that matches perfectly. And matchin(ps: i havent grown up in a ghetto before alright) where i come from means pretty much mud covered truck. And on some occasions it means Chrome wheels bolted to a rig with a sweet paint job like so:

My Truck.jpg

The owner of the car stated he wanted the wheels to match the stripes, not the flames. I think he did this perfectly. If your wheels were to match the flames, it would have a similar color on the rims.

Well you know what he needs to do, get the wheels painted when he gets a paint job on the car

Thats not old, my moms minivan is a 2002, heck my dads truck is a 2000, if you wanna go that far my grandpa has a 92 F-150 and a 98 Ram 3500. Both run like champs

lol, your comments contradict your name...

the 2 things *I* would do with a $500 car....
Ethanol/vegi oil experiment.

First off, hydrogen conversion kits on an ol' clanker like that doesnt exist
And #2 Ethanol was a stupid idea, it uses more CO2 to make it and veggie oil on a gas car, yer lookin for money down the drain. Reason: VEGGIE OIL IS BIODIESEL. Biodiesel in a gas car=melted engine block=DEBT

This is a very, very old thread, but since you took the time to write that out I will take the time to write a response. #1 - A hydrogen kit doesn't need to exist. Most of those kits are things I could do in a couple hours with minimal research and an elementary knowledge of electrolysis and the alternator in said car. There's a debate as to whether a hydrogen conversion kit actually DOES much, but i don't want to get tangled in that argument. #2 - You're mostly right about ethanol. The current popular methods of producing it are not efficient and are questionably ethical. You're also right about vegetable oil in a gas engine. That would be bad news. However, vegetable oil is not biodiesel. They chemically different, they smell different, and one comes directly from a plant while the other is a chemically derived byproduct of what comes directly from a plant. Cheers, -DMC

where do you think biodiesel comes from straight from the factory??? Veggie oil is deep fryin oil which is the makins of BIODIESEL

Click on my profile and check out my projects to see my sources. I make biodiesel. I'm not stupid. Biodiesel is made FROM the oil, as I said in my last comment.

gimmie the link and maybe ill believe ya but until then i must be blind or you gave me bad directions

On August 31, 1937, G. Chavanne of the University of Brussels (Belgium) was granted a patent for a 'Procedure for the transformation of vegetable oils for their uses as fuels'. Directly off wikipedia.

*sigh* did you read the whole article?

"Biodiesel refers to a vegetable oil or animal fat based diesel fuel consisting of long-chain alkyl (methyl, propyl or ethyl) esters. Biodiesel is typically made by chemically-reacting lipids (e.g., vegetable oil, animal fat (tallow)) and alcohol.
Biodiesel is meant to be used in standard diesel engines and is thus distinct from the vegetable and waste oils used to fuel converted diesel engines."

For the very last time, vegetable oil is not biodiesel. Biodiesel is made FROM vegetable oil.