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I Just got a Brand new Atari 2600!! Answered

So I decided to be a super nice boyfriend and completly re-do my girlfriends condo. during the process I ended up in the basement trying to move an old armour... during my frustration in moving it I took a short break and was rifling through old junk for entertainment. short story short, I stumbled upon a brand new Atari 2600 with like 15 cartridges. I guess she got it when she was a kid but never even had intrest enough to open it up and receved new cartridges every so often... she gave it to me!!!. I can't wait to crack this thing open and start gaming it up...lol. on the other hand... I'm unable to decide if I should even open it... I mean how often do you see an Atari still in its packaging


They aren't worth very much in general. I normally see them going for about 30-50 dollars. But being new and wrapped could be something completely different. I don't know that I've seen one of those!

hold it till ur 60, sell it then use the money to buy a motorhome lol..

Or better yet dont sell and buy an RV and play it In your RV ! I happened to have the original game of pong OPENED. But It still Works anyone got any idea on what it might be worth ?

it may be worth money but how much fun is it worth? crack it open call up some people and play for 72 hours straight.

I'd save it. Look around the net and see how much they worth if there's none for sale then it probably worth a lot. I'd wait awhile cause then ur gf might get mad. Plus it'll uncrease in value.

. If you have River Raid, I'll give ya $25 for the lot. . As per Goodhart, I'd check around and see if being unopened would add anything to it's value to a collector. You'd be surprised at what ppl will pay for something like that.

Maybe check around first to see if it is worth anything "unopened" ? :-)