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'I Made It' - Author overview + Achievements Answered

I posted a comment with the 'I Made It' option yesterday. When I did that I wanted to know how many of those I actually had. It turned out I have used the 'I Made It' 8 times and posted a total 12 comments with my creations based on the instructables (so 4 extra before the 'I Made It' function was introduced). What I didn't liked was how I needed to look at all my comments and count all the 'I Made It' by hand.

That's why I want to know what you all think about an 'I Made It' overview entry in the profiles of all the authors. This way you can't only see the authors Instructables, but also what they made based on other Instructables. This can be done by visualising them as the Instructables are visualised on the authors page(picture of the build with Instructable-title below.). And for example display the build of the 'I Made It' when someone hovers over the tile of the Instructable. (See picture for hover examples + extra tab in Overview).
Maybe this is a good thing for new members as well. Because now Instructables offers a community for builders of their own creations, but with such a system also new DIY-ers get some sort of acknowledgement for their builds even though it's not their own idea. And with time I guess they will upload their own ideas as well. I guess that's why the 'I Made It' button is already here, but this would give it just that bit extra which I think would be great. Especially when you view someones profile to see what they do/make.

And why not add an achievement just as the number of featured Instructables, comments and views. Again, just a step extra for the people who like to build and be part of the community but don't come up with their own creations (yet).

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Miykoll (author)2015-07-30

Totally agree, this would be an useful addition for myself

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Kiteman (author)2015-03-23

It would be nice to see not only what instructables a member has followed, but also how many people have followed a member's instructables.

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emilyvanleemput (author)2015-03-23

Having an overview of 'I made it' comments would be quite helpful indeed. I've noticed that since the button exists far more people share the end result of their version of the project, making those comments extra noticeable on their profile could work even more effective I think.

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