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I'm only 10 and I'm in the fourth grade I have a 7.7 reading level I always get A's on my test I'm the highest in my class in EVERYTHING! My teacher says I'm probably higher than most people in my class... anyway I LOVE SCIENCE and math and robotics but I just cant figure out how to put the darn STUFF TOGETHER!!! it is not very hard but still. I came up with a good idea of an android that will help you with anything but not like Siri much more intelligent. I don't know where to find the material though I am still trying to approach this goat for me so ..

where can I find metal plates?

where can I find silicone?

where can I find ANY ROBOT MATERIAL!?!?!

I'm still new to this website and I love your lessons

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ynneb (author)2017-04-19

Top of the class in everything except for modesty and manners. ;)

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randofo (author)2017-03-24

Have you tried building anything from this class yet?

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