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I Need a Cool design?

I need a design with a letter "B" in it Black and white please Dimensions 336x228 Please and thank you!

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wilcurt (author)2009-04-26

How's This?

Chromatica (author)wilcurt2009-04-30

pretty good actually thx a lot ill give more time until I chose a best answer :)

Chromatica (author)Chromatica2009-05-08

Hey wut do u know
I made my self one

wilcurt (author)Chromatica2009-05-13

Thats a B?

Chromatica (author)wilcurt2009-06-08

yeah I guess sorry it took me so long to respond

wilcurt (author)Chromatica2009-06-08

Thanks for the best answer!

Chromatica (author)wilcurt2009-06-08

did you just change your icon?

wilcurt (author)Chromatica2009-06-08

Yeah. It's Glenn Kotche from the band Wilco.

frollard (author)2009-04-22

You're definitely going to need a cool design. I'm thinking arial, but Verdana is nice.

Chromatica (author)frollard2009-04-23

No i mean like a B in a cool background or foreground No too simple as just a big regular B

frollard (author)Chromatica2009-04-23

Try to elaborate more - what exactly are you making? what medium? for fun, for project, for school? I can print a letter b, and put it in a blender with water, then spread the remains over an area 336x228 ...mm, meters, inches, miles...

Chromatica (author)frollard2009-04-26

pixels for a wallet anything that you think is cool and lol big puzzel