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I am a avid crocheter looking for baby to toddler "FREE" patterns, such as capries? sundresses? tee tops? 2 button tops? Answered

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yoyology (author)2010-05-13

 If you're not already a member of Ravelry, you should join.  A great community, and a wonderful source of patterns.

Also, your local public library will have lots of crochet books of various kinds.  Look into it!!

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smasumur (author)2009-05-16

This site is a comprehensive set of links to other sites.

This is a mirror of the original seafore.com website. It's got links to other sites but has not been updated or maintained recently (the previous webmaster passed away). There may be some old/dead links as a result.

This is the list of free crochet patterns from yarn maker Berroco. They have more knit patterns than crochet, but I do really love their patterns. Trendier patterns and different from the ordinary stuff you see.

This one is from Lion Brand Yarn. You'll need to become a member (free) to view their patterns.

Those are just a few. You can check different yarn manufacturer websites to see if they have patterns.


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smasumur (author)smasumur2009-05-16

I forgot to mention that Berroco doesn't really have any kids' patterns. But, if you are a good crocheter, you can scale it. Or use it as an inspiration/starting point. -Stephanie

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