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I can't find an app for instructables for my iPhone?

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mtairymd (author)2018-02-18

The app was discontinued.


I still have it on my iphone and ipad but it is slowly dying without support. To me, the mobile experience isn't acceptable. To compound my frustration, the hijacked pages (apple, amazon rewards, etc.) that pop up have totally killed my desire to access the site on anything other than a PC.

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ggener (author)2018-02-18

Thanks all, I am going to add something I've had in my garage for the past 30 years to prevent hitting stuff when pulling in, it's going to be called "Garage Ball", now if I could just get my pictures to load......


Greg in Novato

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Yonatan24 (author)2018-02-18

The app was removed, the site looks actually pretty nice on mobile

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