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I am a very unhappy zombie. Answered

Look at me, I'm hideous! I tried to prepare everyone for the Zombie Apocalypse, but I published my instructable and it hasn't appeared in "Recent" yet! Since nobody was ready to combat the undead, I was overrun and turned into one of them!

But seriously, it's been like eight hours since I published and it still hasn't shown up. The last three or four 'ibles I made did the same thing, one of them took a day and half to show up. By this point it won't even show up in the first page of recent instructables. How am I supposed to get people to see this if it takes this long to show up? What gives?!?!?

****UPDATE 7/17 @ 7:40pm****

Well, it STILL hasn't been added to the recent list! Now I guess it'll have to wait until after the weekend. Grumble grumble grumble . . .

****UPDATE 7/18 @ 9:40am****

Thanks to Lemonie for spotting my instructable . . . buried eight pages deep in the recent list! Somehow, despite the fact that I didn't publish until thursday 7/16 (I didn't even take any of the pictures until wednesday) it says I published it tuesday. It's entirely possible that it's been on the recent list the entire time, just pushed three or four pages back from where I expected to find it. I don't know what's going on here, but I don't like it. I may try to unpublish it and then republish as an entirely new instructable to see if it'll get bumped up, but I don't know. What if it gets caught by the filters again and doesn't show up for several days?

If any of the admins read this thread, please look into this for me!



8 years ago

I see you have cause to cheer up now. Good luck in the contest.

As Zombie guides go it's pretty good, in fact as compared to every other one I can remember it is the top. But it's a borderline instructable. For something that documents what you've made or done I think you're there, being slow to come through surprises me since we end up flagging SPAM that obviously didn't have any trouble...


Thanks Lemonie. I actually did this one partially because I was disappointed in most (though not all) of the other Zombie instructables.

Yes I can see that - has it turned up yet? Yes it has, oh good. L

Really? I went seven pages back in the recent, well past the instructables that were published about the same time I published mine (it should show up somewhere between Sound Bracelet by JellyWoo and Dr. Horrible Goggles by Goldensurprise) and I didn't see it.

Oh dang, I bet this guy beats me to my next instructable: The Pocket Sized Ombie Survival Kit!

Re: tags You have: offbeat & life , zombie, pocket sized, altoids, horror, funny, humor, max brooks, z, day, survival altoids? you forgot "KNEX" dude! But I'd have expected a related on the recent one that's only tagged with: offbeat and zombie (managed to spell that one right...) L

KNEX, damn, I should have figured out a way to include those! Do you think I'm overdoing it on the tags? I figured it would help with getting more views (though I wouldn't include something that wasn't related), but do you think it's hurting me in some way?

Wait, no I see it now. It's eight pages back in the recent, and It says I published it on tuesday! That's not even possible, I didn't take the zombie pictures until wednesday!

OK you missed the "recent", but it's still there. If your tags are good it should show as "related" on any future zombie post? What we need now is an instructable entitled "How to create your own zombie-slaves"? L

If you feel so inclined add it to my "Featured" group.

You know, it is seriously HARDER THAN HELL to get a featured instructable.

Yeah, I know! I've had a few featured, but I feel like it's totally random, and may have a lot to do with how many initial views you get. That's one reason why it bugs me so much when they get held up.

I would just wait, There are times where it took me 5 days for instructables to show up in recents.

Really, five days? That seems pretty excessive!

well, the site happened to have a lot of traffic when I published my ible, so yeah... just wait.

If you send a PM to Randofo he can bump things out of the filters and move them up in the recent list, which is what it most likely is. Many of my I'bles get stuck.

It just happens sometimes. There's also the possibility that it got caught in the filters, and someone from the staff needs to approve it. To prevent this in the future, you can try and publish it before the instructables work day starts. They're in california, so depending on where you live, try to publish it in the morning during on week day. This way if it does get caught in the filters, somebody will see it asap.

Yeah, I usually publish on the weekend, but after the last few got held up, I decided this time I was going to publish during the week. I posted it at 9 am (I'm in Oregon, so it's the same time zone) and it still hasn't been published. I knew it would get caught in the filters since it's full of words like "Terrorist," "Explosive," and "Cyanide," but I figured since it's obviously a joke it would get passed through quickly. Oh well, mainly I'm just grumbling because 'ibles that don't make it to the first page of recent don't usually get many views.