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I am an electrical engineer student and I would like to create a personal project, ideas? Answered


I would like to create a project involving C programming with the arduino. I have some ideas (like an autonomous plant watering system but it looks to easy and basic), but I would like a project that will reflect my ability to learn C programming (I'm currently learning C++  ).
Also, I don't wan't to copy any of the arduino tutorials.

Do you have any ideas?

Thank you


To make plant watering more interesting you could include light and moisture sensors. Maybe some kind of moving shade that protects from direct sunlight but does not interfere with morning, evening and cloudy day light. Find a really picky houseplant and arrange ideal setting for it at some quite unsuitable windowsill.

No matter what you do - If you do it well it will serve it's purpose.

HOWEVER it should be your choice - Try google for electrical engineering projects. you will get 14,000,000 hits.

What about a robot of some kind? Here's an example. Obviously you could make it look different and there's flexibility in how much or little programming you'd do with it.