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I am confused about making iron oxide? Answered

Vinegar + Bleach + Iron = Iron Oxide?

Bleach + Iron = Iron Oxide?

Vinegar + Iron = Iron Oxide?

12 volt energy + Iron = Iron Oxide?

12 volt Energy + Salt + Iron = Iron Oxide?

Hydrogen peroxide + 12 volt Energy + Iron = Iron Oxide?

Can someone clear me out?
   I am trying to make thermite but I have heard that you can make iron oxide using just bleach, however, there have been claims that bleach can actully acumule impurities which makes iron oxide impure which means that thermite will not have the same "performance".

   I found a 12 volt supply in my house and i put a steel inside of a glass, i put the negative and positive but i found no evidences of iron oxide.
   The only thing i accomplish was the glass full of green stuff in it.


1 (gloves) (do outdoors)

mix equal parts chlorine bleach and vinegar in large mason jar

2 (gloves)

fill the jar with very fine steel wool and it should start oxidizing, leave jar closed and filled to the top, leave outside preferably. wait a day or two, the the longer the better, and shake it once in a while

*impurities tend to crystallize into larger particles


shake and drain water through coffee filter(s) (one at a time, might make a few filters worth) into another jar. now take out more filters and do it again (shake, filter, into steel wool jar) and repeat as needed.


let filters dry out, throw out remaining liquid, and steel wool.


when filters dry COMPLETELY scrape off into mortar and grind it moderately.

(you can see my impurities when i grinded)


pass through fabric filter in a sealed box.

there you go!


5 years ago

You might benefit from increasing the surface are of the metal. Try "0000" steel wool in a bucket of water. Oh, and it's going to take a massive amount of steel wool to collect enough iron oxide. You're better off buying it.

oh, and that green stuff... If I recall correctly one of the chromium oxides is green and also poisonous. So, I'll bet that was stainless steel. Don't use stainless and get rid of that water.

water+iron+air (O2)= iron oxide

I am currently doing that, but i don't see any progress.
I am thinking in using hydrogen peroxide or salt or bleach so see which one is faster.

Unfortunately you have to add TIME into that equation, a facility not many posters seem to have.

Fundamentally Iron oxide is just Iron+oxygen. There are however several things that can speed this reaction up.

Some simple examples:
Salt water

By the way, you will have a harder time making iron oxide from steel than from pure iron. Specially if it is any kind of oxidation resistant steel like Inox.

The steel i am using doesn't have a oxidation resistance

I used a 12 volt power source and i connected the cathode and anode to the energy. the water started to turn into green then yellow, i only see impurities below so i don't think this work.
So, i have to add salt to the "equation" huh?