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I am getting the message Turnigy MAX 80W? Answered

I am trying to charge by 3S LIPO battery. It is 6200mAh. The charger that I have is Turnigy MAX80W. I am trying to balance charge my battery. However, when I configure the charger to 6.2Amps and 11.1V and then I press enter and I get the message to press enter to confirm or press back to go back. However, when I press Enter; It just shows me the message 'Turnigy MAX 80W'. Some times it shows  me the message 'Input Vol Err'. I have a tripple battery supple HM8040-3 and I am providing 17V from it.

I am really confused what then problem is as I recently bought the charger. Please help!!!

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PKM (author)2014-02-12

Problem: at 11.1V and 6.2A you are trying to charge the battery at 68W, but your power supply can only supply 0.5A which at 17V is only 8.5W. The power supply voltage is probably sagging as the charger tries to draw too much current, which leads to the charger reporting an input voltage error "Input vol err" or browning out and restarting itself, hence showing you the power on message. You'll need a power source for the charger which can supply 12V at at least 6A- if you have a car battery charger (or a car battery!) on hand, this will probably work.

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Vyger (author)2014-02-11

If you just bought it you should contact their tech support or try looking on their web site. It could even be defective and the tech support would help you with that.

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