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I am having difficulties locating an IBLE I am sure I saw.... Answered

I just got another nice new vacuum cleaner motor from a clogged unit (motor is good, the other innards were not so good),  and I wanted to make the Soda Bottle hand vacuum I could have SWORN I saw somewhere in the ibles list awhile back.... 8 searches and two days and I am unable to find it (gee, I hope I saw it in here).

Does anyone know which one or where it is?  I'd be most grateful.

OK, it appears as though I am either remembering the KIT in Edmund's Scientifics  OR it is a project in one of my magazines, but not on line.   Thanks all anyways !


My only advice is use Google not the site's search feature. The built in search is worse than useless.

Tried and only came up with the unit / kit in Scientifics......maybe I am starting to SEE things that aren't there ? :-P

Nope, I saw that one repeatedly in my searches.....it hasn't a "motor" however.

I have experienced the same. I have been searching for an 'ible for some time now unsuccessfully. I wish that there is a way to file 'ibles that are not necessarily favorites but that they have something useful to teach. Most of the problems come from the author's choice of tags.

Well, IF I can get it to create a cyclonic draw, it would be worthwhile. If I need to use a filter, although easier, it would be "just another combersome handvac that needed constant 'changing" of its filter diaper".

I will give this more thought as I haven't found what I was looking for.

Sorry I can't help with the vaccum. Please do find that and send me the link. I had to laugh at your question cuz I did that yesterday and looked for hours (off and on) for an ibble I'd JUST seen. Finally found mine, but I thought I was going crazy.