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I am home. Answered

My dear friends,

Its been quite some time since I was last seen here, more than 6 months I guess. I see today I missed lot many contests, missed the winnings of many of my lovely friends & followers, missed their awesome instructables and their awesomeness.

I received emails from you, asking me about my well being. Thank you so much for your concerns.

I missed instructbale so much but  all I can say that the only thing which kept me away from it were life priorities. 

Now I am back home and I am not going anywhere.

During this period, few things happened, which I feel I must share with all of you. Hope you will like it, and please forgive me for the fact that I kept it away from you.

Here they are:





You are awesome. Thanks


Good to have you back, oh and I'm a guest contributer at handmade-jewelry-club too :D

Thank you so much :),

You know what, a few minutes back only I noticed your comment in my profile page on their website :). Awesome :)

I realized all I have missed in past few months.


4 years ago

Glad to see you back,and looking forward to more of your instructables!

Welcome back - why not post those projects hereas well?

Thank Kiteman :). I so wanted to post these project here but these were paid guest author post, so I had to abide by their terms. But I will post some variations :).

Welcome back Tarun Upadhyaya...