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I am interested in learning how to make projects with leds .


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iceng (author)2011-10-28

Start with some throwies

...........  A n d

work up to  SMThis  personal thief

Jack A Lopez (author)2011-10-28

LEDs want constant current, not constant voltage, and the brightness of an LED is proportional to the current which flows through it.  The usual trick for limiting current to an LED is to put a resistor in series with it, unless it is a high powered LED, in which case more powerful circuit-magic is required.  Remember these things, Grasshopper, and you will find your way to LED enlightenment. 


steveastrouk (author)2011-10-28

Is there a question ?

Kiteman (author)steveastrouk2011-10-28

I see one posted at 12:13pm

steveastrouk (author)Kiteman2011-10-28

Are we being gnomic ?